LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Monash/ENCLE – Street Law Train the Trainer Workshop - Monash Prato Campus, Italy – May 31-June 1, 2018



Across the world, Clinical Legal Education has demonstrated its capacity to transform traditional law teaching and contribute to social justice. However, in many parts of Europe it is yet to achieve its potential as a relatively new and underdeveloped form of legal education. This is especially true for Street Law programs.

This 2-day Street Law Train the Trainer workshop in Prato (Italy) is being organized by Monash University (as host) in partnership with the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE) on 31st May to 1st June 2018. It will motivate law teachers/clinical program coordinators to consider opening up (or to improve existing) Street Law programs and to provide them with a best practice framework for street law methodologies.

More information (e.g. about the trainers, program and registration procedure) is available at the workshop brochure (see here).  

Please use the online registration form in order to register for the workshop. The  final registration deadline is: 15th May 2018!!