The Clinical Legal Education Handbook
The Clinical Legal Education Handbook

The Clinical Legal Education Handbook

The Clinical Legal Education Handbook – available open access and free to download now

The Clinical Legal Education Handbook has been published as a free, open access online resource by The University of London Press. It can be downloaded for free here. Hardcopies can also be ordered for £35.  

The Handbook is primarily aimed at clinics in England and Wales, but is likely to have content that is of interest to those engaged in clinic in other jurisdictions. The idea for the Handbook was devised at a Clinical Legal Education Organisation (CLEO) conference in the UK in 2016 and its contents were shaped by contributions and feedback from a number of CLEO members.  It contains contributions from more than 25 clinicians, practising lawyers and third sector experts and is intended to act as a good practice guide and practical resource for those engaged in the design and delivery of clinical legal education programmes at university law schools.

The Handbook offers direction on how to establish and run student law clinics and sets out guidance on both the pedagogical and regulatory considerations involved in the delivery of clinical programmes. It also provides an introduction to the existing body of research and scholarship on Clinical Legal Education (CLE).

The Handbook can be used by staff involved in running law clinics as a practical guide to establishing and running their programmes and can also be used as a teaching resource and recommended text on clinical programmes. It will also be a valuable resource for clinical legal education researchers who wish to engage in regulatory, pedagogic and legal service delivery research in this area.

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